CRUX Hardcore PvE DayZ Servers

Made by Players for Players.

At Crux, we understand the needs and desires of Hardcore DayZ players because we are Hardcore players ourselves. This server is not just a creation; it's a passion project crafted for dedicated gamers who know what it takes to survive in the unforgiving post-apocalyptic world.

Carefully Curated Experience

Our team has invested countless hours to create a DayZ environment that goes beyond the ordinary. From AI opponents hunting you to an arsenal of hundreds of weapons. Every detail is fine-tuned for the ultimate Hardcore experience.

Player-Driven Development

Crux evolves based on player feedback and experiences. We listen to our community, implement suggestions, and constantly refine the server to meet the high standards of the Hardcore DayZ gaming community.

Unique Features

DNA Safe Rooms, 100's of weapons, underground bases, and custom areas– these are not just additions; they're carefully thought-out elements, offering challenges and rewards that you will want to experience over and over.

Your Story Awaits

Crux isn't just a server; it's a canvas for your Hardcore DayZ story. Every challenge, every encounter, and every victory is a chapter waiting to be written; your story truly matters.

Are you ready to start tour Hardcore DayZ story? Crux is more than just a server; it is a Hardcore survival experience meticulously crafted for immersion.

What we do

CRUX Hardcore PvE Servers

  • We have an active and friendly team backing you up.
  • Crux offers not one, but two maps for you to conquer – Bonav and Winter Banov. Each map brings its own challenges and opportunities.
  • Dynamic AI Opponents that will hunt you. These are balanced for progression to be challenging and rewarding.
  • Custom Weapons Galore; hundreds of Guns. Including Snafu guns, Morty guns, Paragon guns, and ARMA 2 remastered weapons.
  • DNA Safe Stores set up to be an adventure of its own. See for yourself!
  • Discover exciting new locations, challenges, and unique features across Bonav and Winter Banov. Crux isn't just a server; it's an ever-evolving world of custom crafted possibilities.
  • Master the art of base building with Base Building Plus system, Drop a CabinZ, or dig your underground Base.
  • Crux is constantly evolving. Stay tuned for news, updates, and events and engage with our awesome community on Discord
  • Join us today, and experience DayZ as we envisioned it. Find our server IP and connection details in our Discord or search CRUX in your favorite launcher.
  • One of the many CRUX Custom Ghillie suits


    Some of the Mods that we use

    Here are some of the mods we use and take the time to configure to match our server vision.

    SNAFU Weapons DayZ Mod ARMA 2 Weapons DayZ Mod Mortys Weapons DayZ Mod Paragon Armor DayZ Mod Gas Masks Only DayZ Mod DNA Key Cards DayZ Mod Expansion AI DayZ Mod JMOD Night Vision Optics DayZ Mod DayZ Dog Mod Air Drop Upgraded DayZ Mod RFFS Red Falcon Flight Systems DayZ Mod Paragon Guns DayZ Mod